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BDP’s Maria Dalzot was interviewed by and La Sportiva this past Monday. Maria leaves for Europe tomorrow to better acclimate for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, competing for the senior women’s team. Check out her interview below:


La Sportiva: When did you start running and what/who were the influences that got you started?

 Maria: I have always loved to run as a kid. Tag was my favorite game in gym class and I would often just run around the yard for fun. I started to run cross country and track as soon as it was offered in the seventh grade. I have been running and racing now for 16 years. Geesh, time flies!

 La Sportiva: Is this your first big international race?

Maria: The World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship will be my first world championship on the senior women’s team. I was on the junior team for the short distance World Mountain Running Championship in 2007 that was also hosted in Switzerland. I was on the senior women’s NACAC team in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

 La Sportiva: How did you get onto the US Long Distance Mountain Running Team?

Maria: I was selected for the team based on my win in the 2014 US Half Marathon Trail Championships and have since added to my resume with several successful performances including my marathon debut earlier this year.

La Sportiva: Is this your first year on the team?

Maria: Yes, this is my first year on the world championship senior women’s team.

La Sportiva: This is a pretty high profile race. Did you do anything special to train or get ready to race in Zermatt?

Maria: The Zermatt Marathon is a point to point course that starts out at 3,500 feet on roads and then turns into mountain trails that climb up to about 8,500 feet. We found a mountain road off of Mt Baker Highway that turns into trail and climbs 4,200 feet in 20 miles. I have been running this route for my weekly long run to simulate the course.

La Sportiva: Are you going to go sightseeing while you’re in Europe?

Maria: I will be traveling to Europe 2 ½ weeks before the race to acclimate to the altitude and time change.

La Sportiva: If yes, where do you plan on visiting?

Maria: While in Europe, I am staying a week in the Italian Dolomites to train in the mountains and get a tour of the La Sportiva factory. I will stay in Zermatt the week of the race to learn the course and meet up with my USA teammates. After the race I will be going back to Italy to visit some of my relatives for a couple days before returning to the states to continue competing in the La Sportiva Mountain Cup.

La Sportiva: What is the single most essential item you need for race day?

To find out what Maria finds most essential on race day and to finish her interview, check THIS out!

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