Shelby recently moved back to the PNW to pursue an engineering role at Janiki after having spent the previous few years traveling and working as a seasonal bike mechanic and ski tech in Idaho and Colorado. Aside from running, she really enjoys mountain biking, gravel riding and zooming around in her car.

One of Shelby’s fondest running memories were running past the womens’ college during the Boston Marathon and competing in TSP.

Personal Bests

  • Marathon – 2:57:49
  • 1st W/7th OA – Orcas Island 50 Miler (2021)

Current Goals

  • Become a more durable runner
  • Sub 2:50 Marathon
  • Complete a 100K Ultra

Connect with Shelby

A few of Shelby’s favorite things…
Peanut butter (especially with bananas)
Her cat, “Dude”
Saturday morning long runs followed by brunch and napping

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