Lake Sonoma 50, Seattle Super & Sprint, Corvallis 1/2 Marathon & the Boston Marathon

You know, some weekends are just like mind-blowingly jam-packed in race stimulus. This is one of them, if not the cake taker. Albeit brevitous, let’s break it down!

Saturday, April 13 – Nikki and sister-teammate-friend-now-from-slightly-afar, Corrine, started the weekend off with a bang, racing the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. Held on the trails at Lake Sonoma, the course is an out-and-back circumnavigation of the Warm Springs Arm of Lake Sonoma. Nikki was returning from an excellent showing in 2018. The race was stacked in talent, with the likes of Hazen, Kersh, Jones, Wang, Herron, etc. Corrine was just outside of the Top 10 with an 12th place finish in 8h19m. Nikki rounded out the Top 25, coming in 22nd in 9h41m. FULL RESULTS! Check out Nikki’s Race Report HERE!

Saturday, April 13 – Alyson raced in the Super – Elite Field of the Seattle Super and Sprint hosted by Snohomish County. Alyson writes, “All the mud. All the rain. All the things that make racing in the PNW just the best! I was excited for the Seattle Super because this is my element and home town. The race was challenging both physically and mentally. While I am not pleased with failing 4 obstacles, I am happy that for the majority of the race I was able to keep a positive attitude and not get too negative or defeated in my self talk. Racing is hard, and adding the element of slick and muddy conditions can compound frustrations so easily! Staying focused and moving on to the next thing was a huge win. I feel like a student of the sport and I learn so much with each race. This race highlighted the areas of fitness, mental fitness and race execution strategies that I need to improve on. Pleased with finishing 20th among some incredibly fierce women. Can’t wait for the next!! To the mountains I go…” Placing in the Top 20 in a stacked field, Alyson claimed 20th in 1:46:24. FULL RESULTS!

Sunday, April 14 – Reppin’ BDP in Oregon as she continues her studies, Rachel raced the Corvallis 1/2 Marathon. The 1/2 is a Tour de Corvallis, mostly flat, with slow gradual climbs and descents, that begins in Reser Stadium, goes through Oregon State University campus, Ball Hill nature park and the iconic Covered Bridge. Rachel placed 7th F. FULL RESULTS!

Monday, April 15 – Patriot’s Day held the 123rd Annual Boston Marathon, where our athletes, Courtney & Tanya raced. Unfortunately Courtney dropped at Mile 16, feeling heavily fatigued, but Tanya went on to finish the historic race, on a day which endured all possible weather patterns (heat, humidity, wind, rain, thunder) like a boss, finishing in 3:30. FULL RESULTS! We were geeking out all weekend on all the juicy stories and were able to show some footage from the Elite Men’s and Women’s B.A.A. Mile’s over the weekend on our instagram account AND were full of feelings and inspiration from the performances of Desi Linden, Scott Fauble and Jared Ward!

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