We are Teaming Up with the Bellingham Bay Marathon – Pacing for Boston Qualification!

Bellingham Distance Project is excited to announce their new partnership with Bellingham Bay Marathon, as pacers for this year’s race! This is the first year that Bellingham Bay Marathon will have pacers in the full and half marathon. Pacers are a huge help in trying to hit a target time and qualifying for Boston. Do you want a pacer to help you qualify for Boston?  We want to help you get there! We will be pacing for the following times:

Half  Marathon:

Full Marathon:

Don’t see the pace you want? Please let us know what pace you want to run here!

Between now and race day, we will be posting tips and tricks on how to best race, fuel and train for the Bellingham Bay Marathon.  So be sure to subscribe to our blog!

What are “pacers?”

A pacer is someone who helps you meet your marathon goal time by maintaining a specific time per mile. For example, if your goal is to break the 4:00 marathon, then you will need to 9 minutes and 9 seconds per mile; the pacer allows you to focus on the run and how you’re feeling as opposed to worrying about how fast you should be running. Pacers are experienced runners who are generally capable of running faster than the pace they are assigned to, which allows them to easily maintain a consistent effort throughout the race.

How can you qualify for Boston at the Bellingham Bay Marathon?
1. The Bellingham Bay Marathon is a registered Boston qualifying course. Once you have completed the race, you can apply for Boston via Bellingham Bay’s USATF certification – #WA11034MN.

2. You must comply with Boston’s current qualifying standards as noted below:

Age Men Women
18-34 3:05 3:35
35-39 3:10 3:40
40-44 3:15 3:45
45-49 3:25 3:55
50-54 3:30 4:00
55-59 3:40 4:10
60-64 3:55 4:25
65-69 4:10 4:40
70-74 4:25 4:55
75-79 4:40 5:10
80+ 4:55 5:25

*Bellingham Distance Project with be providing pacers for the most desired times to help you achieve your qualifying time!

3. You must have a completed marathon time by the following deadline:

  • 2015 Boston the race must be run on 9/14/2013 or sooner, and for the
  • 2016 Boston the race must be run on 9/13/2014
    *This means when you qualify at Bellingham Bay your time is good for 2 years before expiring!

4. Other great reasons to use Bellingham Bay as your qualifier:

  • The course is mostly flat with a few rolling sections. The rolling sections feel good on your legs, employing energy from different muscle groups.
  • It’s point-to-point. A point-to-point course is notorious for more easily achieving Boston qualifiers.
  • Course support – By far some of the best support at water/aid stations around. They are available often and filled with people to cheering.
  • Indoor staging area at the start – You will not be stuck in the cold waiting for your race to start. The Wex’liem building is a HUGE indoor area that you and your family can stay warm in until it’s race time.
  • It’s scenic. It is not monotonous or boring. At any point, just pick your head up and look around.

Know a friend who wants to qualify for Boston? Tell them to Sign up today! Use the BDP2014MIE code for a 10% discount off their registration.

We will be pacing for the following times:

Half Marathon:

Full Marathon: 

We will see you on the start line in Bellingham on your way to Boston!

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