The Weekend Ahead – Chuckanut 50k and all the St. Pats Road Races!

“Let it be an environment that is accepting and forgiving; and let there be real pressures, and let it make definite and clear-cut demands, and yet let the demands be flexible; and let there be no formal punishment or long-lasting ostracism; and let there be hope of friendship and hope of praise; and let there be abundant physical contact and physical exertion; and let the enivironment offer a sense of skills and a variety of behaviors that lead to greater pleasure…and greater security; and let the rewards be immediate and intrinsic to the activity itself.”
– George Dennison, from The Lives of Children

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 17th is the Chuckanut 50k; how fitting that it will fall upon St. Patrick’s Day, as post race festivities will not be short of beer and we hope luck on top of grit will abound. Many of our athletes have spent the last half year of their lives, if not longer, training in the winter’s wet, wind and snow for this. Before that, they were on their computers feverishly filling out the entry form before the race would sell out. To say its been a road without its share of potholes would be inaccurate. A few of us will not toe the start line, suffering from unexpected freak accidents – of the body, of health, of fracture. And though these teammates have had to set aside this year’s race, they’re passionate, incredible friends and teammates, who, despite their own paths diverging, will still be at the Chuckanut 50k, volunteering on the course, at aid stations, and as medical staff. Those to toe the line tomorrow will be: Maria, Katelyn, Nikki, Jeff and Shawn, and we can’t wait to celebrate them! Saturday, March 17th will also feature the St. Patrick’s Day Dash in Seattle, where Courtney will race the 5k, and the Runnin’ O’ the Green in Fairhaven, where Hazel, Leighton and Derek will run the 8k and David will run the 5k. On Sunday, March 18th, Rachel will race the Shamrock Run in Portland, OR.

Good luck to all of our athletes and to all of you racing this weekend! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Results to follow next week!

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