Ski to Sea! Who’s Racing? How to Follow Along!

The Bellingham Olympics are here! Ski to Sea, the original multisport relay race from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay will take place this Memorial weekend, on Sunday, May 26th. Divisions include Corporate, Veteran, High School, Whatcom County, Car-Free, Masters and Family, which further breaks down into Open, Mixed and Women. The iconic race follows the format:

Cross Country Ski – A dynamite blast erupts at 7:30a, setting forth the xc skiers in dramatic fashion.

Downhill Ski or Snowboard – The baton is passed to the downhill skier or snowboarder, who then races over a 2.5 mile course. Don’t let the “downhill” fool you, racers of this leg have to climb 800ft straight up North Face before getting in their tuck position.

  • Alyson will be racing for SHEroes (Competitive Open)
  • Amber will be racing for BNP Realtors (Whatcom County Wmn)

Downhill Run – Runners take the baton, leaving the snow for an 8 mile course down Mt. Baker Hwy, where they’ll loose approx. 2,200 ft. in elevation.

  • Derek will be racing for Beavers Tree Service (Whatcom County Open)
  • Brittany will be racing for Undead Alpacas (Recreational Mixed)
  • Courtney will be racing for BNP Realtors (Whatcom County Wmn)
  • Tanya will be racing for BABS (Rec Open)

Road Bike – The runner hands off to the cyclist, who will embark on a 42 mile course to Everson, WA; en route they will take on Power House Hill & pass Silver Lake Park.

  • Leighton will be racing for Odyssey Elementary Orcas (Competitive Open)

Canoe – Two paddlers will canoe 18.5 miles down the Nooksack River. The course is considered Class 1 (on a 1-6 scale), and has the potential of log jams, submerged logs, undercut trees, etc.

Cyclocross – Bikers burn their thighs over this 13 mile trail and field course in Hovander Park. Known for its garnering quite the flat, or getting in a tumble with a dog on the loose, this course tends to produce quite the creative challenge.

Sea Kayak – The epic finish concludes with the Kayak leg, which courses through Bellingham Bay for the final 5 miles, ending in Marine Park in the historic Fairhaven District.

The Ski to Sea app is pretty legit. It has good tracking, and you can favorite the teams you want to track. Good luck to all those racing S2S, across all legs! We hope to see you at the finish line at Marine Park or at the Fairhaven Festival street party just up the hill!

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