September Results!

September 27-28 – Starting us off at the USARA AR National Championships in Boone, NC, Scarlett and her team, Quest, comprised of Brent Molsberry & Dusty Caseria dominated! The team took 1st with a finishing time of 21:15:00, hours ahead of 2nd place’s Rootstock Racing. Full Results HERE!

Quest are the first full course team across the finish line and the unofficial 2019 USARA National Champions in the elite co-ed division! They crushed this course, coming in at 5:15 a.m., for a total time of 21 hours 15 minutes. Congratulations!


September 28 – Conditions were tough at the Tahoe Trail World Championships. We’re proud of our teammate, Alyson Carlyon, who overcame the conditions in one fine test of mental, emotional and physical endurance.

My first Spartan race World Championships was definitely the toughest race I have ever done – both physically and mentally. Parts were enjoyable, and parts were downright dark and miserable. While it may not have been my best performance, I am so proud to have cross that finish line. I have never prayed so much in a race, and I thank God for helping me through it! I am so thankful for Joel, for his pep-talks and telling me I was strong and brave when I felt anything but. Thankful for his family and their energetic cheers when I was drained and freezing. And I am so thankful for the countless racers who checked on and encouraged me as they passed me shivering and bumbling down and back up the mountain. (Apparently I make some weird and alarming noises when my body is shutting down!) I love this community. Finishing 32nd against the best in the world in those conditions is something I am proud of, especially when I thought I would have to drop. What an experience!! Congratulations to all who braved the elements and gave it their best. Regardless if you finished, you were courageous to start and any attempt to tackle that course is something to be proud of! A big thank you to my family and friends back home for their support and prayers along the way! (I’ll definitely be writing a race report on this one).

– Alyson Carlyon

September 28 – Unfortunately Shawn had to drop out of the Cascade Super Ultra 50M due to a nagging hip injury; he completed a little over 30 miles of the race, feeling good until he didn’t.

The race that ended before the end. Went out at a great pace. Felt good for the first 10 miles, then the nagging hip/glute pain came back. I was in the lead until mile 26 when the hip issue brought me to a walk. Walked it in to the aid station at mile 29-dropped-called my wife and sat down and waited. I’m glad the season is over. I’m going to get this hip/glute thing figured out!

– Shawn Bussert

September 29 – The Bellingham Bay Marathon and subsequent distances were a blast! Figuratively and literally. With a pretty intense windstorm on Saturday, we were all hoping that it would subside by Sunday morning. It might have a smidgen, but it definitely maintained its gust. The participants endured with strength and good attitudes. And! Records were taken down! Bryan Buckalew of Seattle won the Marathon in 2:47:31, followed by Lynden’s Hendrik Kok in 2:50:54 in his first ever marathon. The women’s winner was Petra Armstrong of Bow, WA, finishing in 3:14:38, followed by Bridget Keaton of Seattle in 3:16:13. Our girl, Shelby Traeger was 4th in 3:18:07. BDP hosted a relay team that was comprised of Chris Fredlund, Amber Morrison, Jonathan Quimby, Courtney Olsen & Josh Kaplan. It was an excellent way to get some hard efforts in, in the midst of other races these 5 athletes had planned. Together the 5-person team won the marathon outright, finishing in 2:27:56!

Our favorite race to watch was the BBM Half Marathon, in which a dual ensued between the eventual winner, Bellingham’s own and Fairhaven Runners’ staff member, Dillon Quintana, in 69:02, followed closely by Seattleite Nicholas End in 69:24. Our teammate David Larpenteur was 3rd in 75:00. All looked really strong against the elements. The women’s half marathon was just as exciting with a new CR set by Vancouver BC’s Robyn Mildren, in 1:16:38, followed closely by Seattle’s Andrea Masterson in 1:16:42. Alma McMurtry was 6th in 1:29:03.

Derek Thornton DOMINATED the BBM 10K, winning in 34:44 on the undulating and windy course. Tanya Gallo CRUSHED the 5K, winning in 20:07!


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