RESULTS from Pigtails 100k, S2S & Run for Water 10k!

On Saturday, May 26 in Renton, WA, Shawn competed at the Pigtails Challenge 100k (the Challenge also featured a 50k, 100 Mi, 150 Mi and 200 Mi…). Results are currently pending, but we are ecstatic to announce that Shawn WON THE 100K finishing the 62.46 mi looped course in 9h34m! Way to go Shawn!

In what couldn’t have been better weather, BDP threw a major showdown against competitors and against themselves in the Downhill Ski/Snowboard, Downhill Run and Cycling legs at this year’s Ski to Sea. Competing at Ski to Sea in general is badass, but throw in Car Free, post-major surgery, head to head, within seconds of each other, glacial creeks, and enduring a bike ride with the best of them after a crash a few weeks back….and you have (at least to me) quadruple badassery.

To start, Boomer’s Drive-In was 1st OA, finishing in a time of 6:06:42, with (3) Top Guns, including Juan Castillo’s 1st OA Downhill Leg performance in a time of 38:08. There followed Beaver’s Tree Service (Whatcom County Open), finishing a few minutes behind in 6:11:05; they had (2) Top Gunner’s. Derek ran for Beavers, and was 5th in the DH Run leg in time of 40:33.

Leighton’s team – Epic Kayaks (Competitive Open) finished 3rd OA in 6:18:44. Leighton was a dominant force in the road bike in 1:33:14 (10th OA in the rd. bike category).

Taking 1st OA Women’s Team, 1st in the Whatcom County Women’s Division and 17th OA, Team Brandon Nelson Partners (formerly Kulshan Cycles), and comprised of Amber (DH Ski) and Courtney (DH Run) was a force, holding off 2nd Place Women’s Team, Jack’s (Competitive Women) by a mere 1:15. Amber was 2nd OA F in the DH Ski and Courtney was Top Gun and 2nd OA, breaking her own record in 38:48 in the DH Run. Team Brandon Nelson Partners had several Top Gun Award winners as well.

Running the DH Leg for Team CorePhysio (Whatcom County Women), Hazel, in her 2nd year running, PR’d over last year and helped her team to a 2nd Place Division finish and 20th OA finish.

DH Snowboarder, Alyson, nipped the Top Gun from BDP teammate, Amber, in a fierce 26:58 in tough snow conditions and handed off to Aly who ran the DH Run Leg in 46:31 to help their team to a 2nd Place Division finish and 27th OA finish!

Competing for Team Wander Brewing (Whatcom County Women), Katelyn did the DH Ski leg, helping her team to a 3rd Place Division Finish and 28th OA Finish.

After surgery, nay, two surgeries, and taking part in the Car Free Division, Scarlett, after biking to Baker, raced the DH Run leg for Car Free Team WompMobile, finishing in a time of 53:14. Her team was 6th in the Car Free Division and 144th OA.

Booze and fun times were had. Champagne was drunk from the Blossom Cup trophy, and everyone is happy. We can’t wait till 2019! Full results HERE!

In Abbotsford, BC, new teammate, Alma raced the Run for Water 10k; Alma took 1st F and 7th OA. Way to go! Full results for the 5k, 10k and 1/2 can be found HERE!

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