One Big Saturday – Fragrance Lake 50k, Kulshan Quest, Race Beneath the Sun 5 Mi, Portland Track Fest, Bham SwimRun & the R’n’R Seattle 1/2!

Saturday, June 8Destination Trail will host the Fragrance Lake 50k, 1/2 and 10k. Our boy Maxx Antush will race the 50k. The course explores Chuckanut Mountain, Raptor Ridge, and the Pine and Cedar trails. “All of this smooth single track will expose you to every shade of green, rocks as big as houses and over 7,000 feet of climbing.” Lots of ridges = incredible views. Starting at 6 am from the Lost Lake parking area, Maxx will finish at the South Day Use area. The current course record is held by teammate, Thomas Kean, in 4:55:31. For the starting list see HERE!

Saturday, June 8 – Alex Giebelhaus will be competing at Kulshan Quest this weekend. Kulshan Quest offers a 12-hr or 3-hr AR, and will begin at 8:00 am (12-hr) and 9:00 am (3-hr) at Lake Padden Park. The 12-hr race is a regional qualifier for the USARA National Championships. “The 2019 running of Kulshan Quest AR will be a series of alternating trekking and biking sections. As with all Quest AR’s, you choose how many Checkpoints to get. Most sections have Pro checkpoints that will be more challenging. It is up to you and your team which checkpoints you go for…”

Saturday, June 8GBRC’s Race Beneath the Sun 5 Mile, which is full up, is set to take off from the upper pavilion in Fairhaven Park this Saturday at 10:00 am. David, Roberto and Shelby will race it. The course incorporates the Interurban trail, C. Moore trail, Hoag’s Pond, Old Fairhaven Pkwy and finishes back at Fairhaven Park. Joining forces with BBAY, GBRC will be collecting old running shoes, so bring yours to keep them out of our landfills!

Saturday, June 8 – Competing in Portland, OR at the Portland Track Festival, Brittany Grant is set to race the 5000. There’s a ton of exciting athletes signed up (Nikki Hiltz, Konstanze Klosterhalf, Rebecca Mehra, Asley Stinson, Craig Engels, Eric Jenkins, Sam Parsons, Erin Teschuk, Caroline Austin, Julia Webb, Shannon Rowbury, Stephanie Garcia, Hiruni Wijayaratne, Diego Estrada, Riley Masters, Trevor Dunbar, and so much more), so if you’re in the area, you’ll have to check it out – admission for Sat & Sun = $15, for 1-day admission = $10. The fest takes place at Lewis and Clark College near Tryon Creek State Park, 15 minutes away from downtown Portland. For a list of all entries see HERE & HERE!

Sunday, June 9 – Another Quest Races event is in store; for David, he’ll double down to compete on a team with Leighton Overson in the Bellingham SwimRun competition at Lake Padden Park. “Discovered by the Swedes in 2006, they called it SwimRun, because you swim and run, swim and run, swim and run. Utilizing Lake Padden and the beautiful forested trails that surround the lake, Bellingham SwimRun participants are treated to an inspiring and challenging course. You have your choice of the 15 km sprint length event or the user friendly 5 km super sprint.” Participants have the option of competing on a team or solo.

Sunday, June 9 – Closing our weekend of racing out, Shelby will double (having raced the Race Beneath the Sun 5 Mi the day before), with the St. Jude R’n’R Seattle 1/2 marathon. Taking off at 7:30 am from the Seattle Center and finishing in the shadow of the famed Space Needle, the course will feature, as per Rock’n’Roll norm, live local bands along the way.

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