Last Wknd When Everyone Ran Awesome & The Wknd Ahead!

Last Weekend Today – BDP Domination. In the most beautiful way. Shawn was 8th at the Tillamook Burn 50k, Leighton was 2nd at the Mount Rainier Duathlon, Courtney took 1st at the Eugene 1/2, and Corrine annihilated, taking 1st at Canyons 100k!  All the distances! All the styles!

Tomorrow brings our local Haggen to Haggen 5k, hosted by GBRC. Celebrating its 25th year, H2H begins at Sehome Haggen and ends at Meridian Haggen. Proceeds from the event help fund $1000 scholarships and shoe vouchers for low income high school runners. David, Derek, Amber, Courtney, Hazel, Kathryn and Nikki will compete to see what they’ve got on the famed fast course.

Coming off the tornado that is finals, Rachel Cundy is back home and ready to race the 5th Annual Snohomish Women’s Run. The race will be the start to a summer of training, as she gets her feet back under her. We’re so excited to have her back closer to us!

Deeper into Washington, Katelyn will race the 38th Annual Sunflower, using the juicy trail training she accrued over the winter in training for the Chuckanut 50k. The course for the 1/2, trail marathon and relay traverse fields of wildflowers in the Methow Valley, and begins at 2180 ft. in Mazama (high for us Bellingham sea-levelers). With deer trails, single track trails and gravel roads, stunning views of the Methow River, North Cascades and Chelan Sawtooths, Katelyn is sure kick ass with a smile en tow.

Good luck everyone!

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