Fragrance Lake & Way Too Cool 50K Results!

Saturday, February 29 – On top of the Olympic Trials Marathon held the same day, closer to home Shelby raced the Fragrance Lake 50K. BDP’s Thomas Kean was champion at the event in 2018.

With 7,000 ft. of climbing, the Fragrance Lake 50K explores Chuckanut Mountain, Raptor Ridge, and the Pine and Cedar trails. The top finishers were pretty separated with BC’s Mike Huber winning in 5:34:47, followed by Bradley Revenis in 5:50:47 and Travis Cox in 6:10:57. Our teammate, Shelby was 3rd in 6:50:25 (11th OA), behind Marret Arfsten in 6:43:30 and the women’s winner, Lisa Whitwell of BC in 6:17:37. Full Results HERE!

Saturday, March 7 – In Cool, CA, the 31st running of the Way Too Cool 50K took off, and with it, our guy Maxx Antush. With 4,839 ft. of elevation gain and pretty equal loss, the course provides views, parts of the Western States trail and is about 98% single track.

For Maxx, the race started out well, as he hovered in the top 11. About halfway to 2/3 of the way through however, Maxx would suffer through some bad cramping, but toughed it out to the finish. Darren Thomas won in 3:18:04, followed by Justin Grunewald in 3:21:16 and Anthony Fagundes in 3:22:06. Maxx finished in 62nd in 4:31:04. On the women’s side, Kimber Mattox won in 3:49:57, followed by Caroline Coble in 4:08:06 and Lindsay Allison in 4:12:20. Full Results HERE!

Coming up this weekend we have athletes competing in our local Runnin’O’the Green 8K and across the border at the St. Pats Day 5K in Vancouver, BC.

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