December Results

We’ve had a fairly mild winter in Bellingham, which has aided in some legit racing conditions, perhaps a little cold and a bit muddy, but conducive nonetheless. Let’s get into December’s race results!

Saturday, December 7 – At the Fairhaven Frosty 5k/10k hosted by GBRC in Bellingham, Alma was 1st OA in the 10k and Shelby was 2nd! 1-2 punch! Full Results HERE!

Saturday, December 7 – In her final race of the season, Maria crushed at the ABC 50-Mile in San Diego, CA. Dalzot was 1st F and 4th OA (with it being an inaugural event, Maria is also the course record holder)! It was just absolutely wonderful tracking Maria’s training leading up to the 50-mile; she was feeling strong and fit, and the race was a perfect exemplification of that fitness. And what a badass, because lady was bleeding down her leg from a cactus fight mid-race. For a more in-depth look into the race and Maria’s experience, please check out her beautiful blog entry, “From the Mountains to the Desert: Anza Borrego Cuyamaca 50.” Full results HERE!

Sunday, December 8 – As we previewed in our previous blog post, we had 6 athletes compete at CIM this year. It was thrilling to track them. Some had great days, some had thankful days, and others had it tough. With mixed results comes varying lessons, all of which are important, and as teammates we are thankful to learn through each of them.

Leading BDP, Jonathan had a massive PR, running 2:29:27! The man is self-coached and it was really cool to see him navigate the nuances of marathon training leading up to this breakthrough. Nick had a strong day (off little training), finishing in 2:46:31; he’s a solid and consistent racer, despite outside distractions or reverberations. On the women’s side Kennedy, in her first marathon, annihilated, running a very even race and hitting the Olympic Trials Qualifier in 2:44:17! She was 56th in the women’s field, which shows the sheer number of qualifiers, once again (some of which had previously qualified). In both beautiful resolve and maturity and a maddening DAMN IT (yelled by me) Kristen crossed the finish line in 2:45:09, the first person to not make it, despite being smart and staying with the pacers the entire race. We are wholeheartedly proud and inspired by her, and know that it was there, not only “IT,” but so much more. Stay tuned for future races from this classy woman. Next up was Allison, who in her debut marathon just crushed, but would probably say she crushed 80%+ of the race, with the wheels coming off near the end. Allison ran 2:47:32 – another teammate we know who has it, easily, it just played out a little different on the day she needed it to go perfectly. Still, debuting at 2:47 is LEGIT! Rounding us out was Amber, whose legs just didn’t have it on the day. She fought for as long as she could and put her body through it, finishing in 2:53:02. Again, another woman who has it, but just needed the right day. We are equally proud of all six of these athletes and enjoyed following their training and races. We are also grateful to Kennedy and Allison’s coaches, and all the work these coaches put in. Full Results HERE!

Saturday, December 14 – This past weekend was Rainshadow Running’s Deception Pass 50k/25k, of which we had three athletes competing in Saturday’s 50k – Thomas, Zach and Shelby. “Taking place at Deception Pass State Park which is named for the narrow and dramatic channel of water that separates Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands in the northern Puget Sound – the area is famous for it’s rugged coastline, steep cliffs, dense forests and great views. The race covers just about every inch of the park, running at times right at sea level and other times high above on bluffs and hills and twice crosses the pass itself via the historic Deception Pass Bridge, which sits about 180 feet above water.” Elevation for the 50k is about 4500 ft. in gainz. The course was re-routed this year due to a rock slide and trail closure. Leading BDP was Thomas, who after a long stint with an Achilles injury is finally back to solid and healthful training. Thomas was 4th OA in 4:00:12 behind David Clark of Beaverton (3rd), Nick Duff (2nd), Eric Sauer (1st). He negative split the course, which would culminate in a course record. Zach was next for BDP in 5:05:46, which was a course PB! In her final race of the season, Shelby was was top 12 F, finishing in 5:23:01. Full Results HERE!

Sunday, December 15 – A day later, Rainshadow Running hosted the Deception Pass 25k, where Scarlett, in her first running-specific race of the year just happened to WIN! Focusing on her health and Adventure Racing would eventually lead her to 1st F/11th OA in the 25k. Full Results HERE!

Closing out our December will be the Last Chance 1/2 on December 31st!

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