10th Annual Fun with the Fuzz 5k, Oat Run 1/2 and Yakima Skyline 25k/50k Results!

Saturday, April 20 – Derek, Josh, Courtney and Shelby raced the local Fun with the Fuzz 5k. Fun with the Fuzz is such an incredible community event, created to help raise money for families of fallen officers. 100% of proceeds from the race are donated directly to the Behind the Badge Foundation. Over the past 9 years, participants and sponsors have helped to raise nearly $300,000. Leading the race was Bellingham local Dillon Quintana, followed by Tyler VanDooren, Josh Kaplan and Derek Thornton. Leading the women’s race was Courtney Olsen, followed by two other Bellingham locals, friends and teammate, Alma McMurtry and Sierra Brisky. Shelby was 6th F. Results!

Saturday, April 20 – Shawn, who would be celebrating his birthday the Monday after, raced the Oat Run 1/2 less than a month after his race at the Dizzy Daze 12-Hour! The Oat Run 1/2 takes place on the Olympic Adventure Trail, and includes gravel roads, dirt single-track and a lot of forest. The race donates funds to Backountry Horesemen of Washington, Peninsula Chapter, and to the Peninsula Trails Coalition for the construction and maintenance of the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Olympic Adventure Trail. Shawn took 4th in the 1/2, behind Colby Wait, Chris Rupp, and the winner, Jeremy Anderson. Results!

Saturday, April 20 – Alex raced the Yakima Skyline Rim 50k, a race outside of Ellensburg on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains. As the race takes place in a hot, dry climate, all 50k racers are required to carry at least 32oz of water during the race. The race’s elevation profile shows these 4 beautiful lumps, lumps that equate to 9,500 ft of gain and 9,500 ft of loss. 50k Results!

Sunday, April 21 – The following day, at the Yakima Skyline Rim 25k, Maria dominated with a 1st place finish (7th OA) after a year of rehabbing a nagging injury. We’d be remiss not to mention that Maria was also champion in 2018, 2017 and 2016. The 25k’s elevation profile shows two beautiful lumps, which equate to 5k in elevation gain. 25k Results!

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